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I’m a writer, author, poet, blogger, Christ follower, proud mom, and retired FBI agent. After my years as a “Fed”, I did a gig as a self-employed Corporate Security Investigator. Now I’m back to my first love: writing and communicating.

I’m a native Floridian transplanted to the North by the FBI’s curious transfer policy. Illinois is home now but I snowbird for a couple of months every year in my native state and always cheer for my Alma Mater – Go Gators!  I love coffee, kayaking, biking, hiking, and keeping up with friends near and far.

Like many folks (maybe even you), I’ve carved a path for my life that is far from a straight line and anything but smooth. In fact, it’s been a bone-jostling ride at times. I’ve detoured, fallen, backtracked, and strayed from God’s will more than I care to admit. Sadly, along the way I’ve left some whopper potholes for those behind me to navigate, and have fallen into more than a few left by others who are on their own bumpy, painful journeys.

You could say my life is something of a “workaround”: it’s required some patching and rewiring, and I’m guessing yours has, too. That doesn’t mean you and I have to live a cobbled-together, “just make it work” kind of existence.

I believe if we let our path lead us back to Jesus, we can live an abundant and fulfilling – even joyful – life, no matter how jarring the ride that got us here.

I have evidence to share that I hope will engage and encourage you and I look forward to your feedback along the way. Thanks for joining me on the journey!

You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram: @dsrevir.

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  1. I didn’t get it right either…and still working on it! Even had to write about it to fully understand “why” I didn’t get it right. Love your site!

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Finding Joy in a Workaround Life