I Saw God When I Opened My Laptop Today

No, not like one of those apparitions where Jesus’ face appears on a grilled cheese sandwich or a weeping Virgin Mary is seen on a dirt-streaked wall.

The smudged screen didn’t hint at a bearded, long-haired man if I squinted just so. Nope, not like that at all.

It was more of a simple reminder. A message that a vast, all-powerful God could peek into my seemingly insignificant life to say a quick, “Hey, love you!”

Here’s what happened:

I opened the top of my laptop this morning and as it powered up, the indicator light for the wireless connection went from glowing red, to almost immediately glowing blue, telling me I had access to the internet.

wireless red

wireless blue

And in that moment it was as though God said, “You and I: we’re connected, too.” I stopped and reflected on the truth that His Holy Spirit dwells in me and His power is available to me at all times. I just have to open the line of communication like I opened my laptop and He is there to respond.

Now when I watch that light turn from red to blue, I will smile at that reminder and I’ll be encouraged. I will feel like I’ve walked into the Heavenly control room and God himself has looked up from all His running-of-the-universe duties to turn His full attention on me. “Hey!” He’ll say with a broad smile, “I’m so glad you’re here! Let’s do today together!”

It’s happened to me before, these little reminders that God is there even when I’m not paying attention or when I’m distracted by my own small life.

  • I’m looking at the mirror-like surface of a pond when the sun hits the water a certain way. Suddenly I see a turtle a few inches down, gliding along next to a school of fish and it dawns on me: There’s always more going on than I realize beneath the surface of my life, too. God is at work, even when I don’t see it.
  • I’m praying a thankful prayer for the way God has shown His amazing love to my daughter and I hear Him say, “I love you and have good things in store for you, too.”
  • I’m berating myself for not seeking God’s guidance adequately before making a major life decision. And then I happen upon a Bible verse that says, “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing!” (Isaiah 43:18-19)
  • I look at my hands on the keyboard and they are my mother’s hands and I am awash with gratitude that God gave me loving Christian parents.
  • I lean back on my beach towel and look up at the sky and there is a heart-shaped cloud. I know it’s just for me. Thanks, God.

And that little blue light on the top row of my keyboard? It continues to glow and remind me that my connection with God is still there, always strong.

Those small reminders are really not so small.

How about you, would you care to encourage the rest of us by sharing a “small” moment when God reminded you of His power or presence in your life?

About Diane Rivers

Diane is a native Floridian whose career as an FBI Agent got her transferred to the North. She's retired from that gig now and "repurposed" as a freelance writer, author, and sometimes poet who blogs about the bumpy, bone-jostling ride of her “workaround” life. She loves Jesus, her family, black coffee, kayaking, biking, and hiking, and she looks forward to eternity with the One who will make all things beautiful. (Ecclesiastes 3:11).

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