Befuddled by Technology

And… technology tripped me up once again.  If you are a subscriber to this blog and got notification that I had posted about “How to Create an Oasis When Life is a Desert”, I apologize for publishing it prematurely.  Erica McNeal’s book does not launch until Monday.  I will re-publish the post then.  Aaaaaack!

About Diane Rivers

Diane is a native Floridian whose career as an FBI Agent got her transferred to the North. She's retired from that gig now and "repurposed" as a freelance writer, author, and sometimes poet who blogs about the bumpy, bone-jostling ride of her “workaround” life. She loves Jesus, her family, black coffee, kayaking, biking, and hiking, and she looks forward to eternity with the One who will make all things beautiful. (Ecclesiastes 3:11).

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